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by Margo Stanislawska-Birnberg

Margo migrated from Poland in 1963 and has since spent many years in the desert regions of Central Australia spending time with several Aboriginal communities. Her poetry is presented alongside photographs of everyone from singers Ruby Hunter and Archie Roach to artists Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Eunice Napangardi and Mary Dixon Nungarrayi, complemented also by photographs of some of the most inspirational landscapes in the country, from the Tanami Desert, the road to Kintore and the Simpson Desert from the air. She pays tribute to many of the people she encounters on her travels with poems for Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, Pansy Napangati, Lily Hargraves, Edward Blitner, Ada Petyarre, sisters Gloria and Nancy Petyarre and well known artist, the late Emily Kame Knwarreye. The poetry and photographs tell the story of her learning about the land and the traditional owners of the country she and her family have made home.

First edition 2000, hardcase cover, 100 pages, poems, colour photographs


by Glenda Andrew

Glenda Andrew tells of childhood fun, teenage fears and family hopes in a changing world. Grandchild of Pastor Doug Nicholls, Glenda was encouraged by her family to research her family three and write down her memoir of life on the Murray River. Her childhood years years are set in a historical contxt. This memoir of growing up in the Victoria-New South Wales border region is enlivened by many photos and sketches.
First edition 2005, cardcover, 104pages BW photos, sketches, poems
(Limited stock) ISBN-1-86334-0130


A story of the Wakka Murri
told by Lionel Fogarty, pictures by Sharon Hodgson

In this children's book Lionel Fogarty's words tell a story of how a rock got it's name and tells how a fishing trip came to a magical end. This story also teaches why you must always greet strangers in the right way.
First edition 1993, hardcase cover, 30 pages, fully illustrated
(Limited stock) ISBN 1-875657-10-X


written Bridget Priman and illustrated by Robbi Paul

The river is running, and a girl's long journey to school through the bush is full of responsibilities. Biddy's story of a resourceful childhood will fascinate children today who go fishing via the bait and tackle shop. Robbie Paul's vibrant illustrations transport us into Bridget Priman's real world.
First edition 2005, card cover, 32 pages, illustrations, (Limited stock) ISBN 1-86334-012-2


edited by Rebecca Edwards and Janelle Evans

This anthology introduces the poems of 28 new and emerging Indigenous poets and artists into the public arena. Some are joyful, lyrical, challenging, haunting, funny and harsh. They are written in various forms of English, in free and rhymed verse. The book also features artwork that explores similar themes as the poetry, belonging to country, of invasion and dispossession, of expressing Aboriginality, and of affirming the will to live.
first edition 2003, cardcover, 62 pages, drawings
(Limited stock) ISBN-1-86334-005-X


written and illustrated by John L Clark

There is a place in he bush not far from you where people go at weekends to have a barbecue. Award-winning writer and illustrator, John L. Clark has a story to tell about what happened when it started to rain and the people left the bush. All the bush animals come into the story and there are surprises in store. This book will make young readers laugh and think.
first edition 2004, card cover, 32 pages, illustrations, (Limited stock) ISBN 1-86334-010-6


The Diary of Mary Talance, Sydney 1937
by Anita Heiss

A novel aimed at the youg reader. This story tells of the life of a young Aboriginal girl living in Sydney in the 1930s. Mary was taken to Bomaderry Aboriginal Childrens Home when she was was only five years old. Now she's 10 years old and living with a non-Aboriginal family.
First edition, 2001, cardcover, 174pages card cover,
(limited stock) ISBN 1-86504-361-3


Jockeys of Australian racing history
by John Maynard

This book tells of the authors passion and desire to play a small part in the process of revealing another important missing chapter in Australian Aboriginal history. The Aboriginal riders in this book are just racing a few of the many great jockeys who have ridden through Australia's racing history.
2003, revised edition, cardcover, 144 pages, BW photographs
(Limited stock) ISBN 0 85575 451 6


The First Surveyor and other Aboriginal Legends
by Gladys Henry

A unique book featuring traditional legends from the Murray Upper and Tully region of north Queensland. The book is illustrated with the artwork of Tommy Warroon and drawings by Gladys Henry. A list of traditional words and meanings is also included.
second edition 1986, cardcover, 78 pages, map, wordlist, fully illustrated with black & white photographs, drawings (limited stock)


by Roslyn Poignant with Axel Poignant

A book documenting Axel Poignant's photographic expedition to Liverpool River, Arnhem Land in 1952. This expedition set in motion one of the most remarkable diplomatic initiatives by Aborigines in the history of colonisation. Encounter at Nagalarramba is a splendid celebration of the quest for human dignity through mutual understanding. Text by Roslyn Poignant and photos by Axel Poignant with detailed captions written in diary format.
first edition 1996 cardcover, 170 pages, fully illustrated with BW photos
(Limited Stock) ISBN 0 642 10665 7


edited by Joan Dixon and Linda Huxley

A unique record of the work of a brilliant zoologist and anthropologist. Included are a superb collection of original black and white photographs taken in the harsh conditions of northern Australia in the 1930s and 40s. Each species covered includes original notes by Thomson, locality map, comments by authors and where possible, an identification photo and measurements. The text includes notes from diaries and records that Thomson kept on his travels. Included is a glossary of Aboriginal language names and photographs of many of the Aboriginal people he encountered in Arnhem Land and Cape York.
First edition 1985, hardcase cover and dust jacket, large format, 222 pages, fully illustrated with black & white photographs, maps, glossary, index, (limited stock) ISBN-0-17-006541-3


by Vivian Cleven

Vivienne Cleven was born in 1968 in Surat and grew up in western Queensland. She left school at age 13 to work with her father as a jillaroo: building fences, mustering cattle, and working at various jobs on stations throughout Queensland and New South Wales. In 2000 won the David Unaipon Award for her first book Bitin' Back. This is her second novel.
First Edition 2002, cardcover, 234 pages
(Limited Stock) ISBN 0-7022-3283-1


Torres Strait Islander Material from the Haddon Collection, 1888-1905
by Jude Philp

Exhibition catalogue of cultural material from the Torres Strait Islands collected by Haddon, one of the largest bodies of Torres Strait Islander historical material culture in the world. A book that provides an important link with the past for many Torres Strait Islander people. Well reproduced plates on art paper with extensive captions.
2001, cardcover, 53 pages, fully illustrated in duotone and colour with historical photos and artifacts.
(limited stock) ISBN 1 876944 03 X


Inner Knowledge
by Michael Fox

This catalogue documents the origins of two student art projects on Thursday Island in the Torres Strait. The Mosaic and the Boys at Risk projects represent a significant step forward in enterprise for many of the local artists and students at the Thursday Island High School. This books provides a rare opportunity to view several unique art styles of the Torres Strait.
First edition, 2004, card cover, fine art paper, 32 pages, colour illustrations
(limited stock) ISBN 1-020829-26-1


By Melissa Lucashenko

In this novel, Melissa Lucashenko tells of the life Roo Glover, who has two highly desirable talents - he can fight and run like the clappers. In the inner-city's harsh code there are losers and survivors, and Roo's a survivor. He's made it through adoption, through juvenile detention, through poverty. He's and athlete in training, aching towards the dream of Olympic qualification. He's even coping with being white in the turbulent Aboriginal family of his girlfriend. But when cousin Stanley dies in custody, and Roo finds his father the same week, trouble starts to catch up with him.
First edition 1999 cardcover, 222 pages (Limited Stock)
ISBN 0 7022 3080 4


By Ruth Hegarty

An award winning memoir of Ruth Hegarty's life as a dormitory girl at Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement. Separated from her mother at age four, Ruth came to depend on her own inner resources, and the love and support of her fellow dormitory girls. A natural leader, this high spirited little girl grew into an outspoken young woman with a well-developed sense of natural justice.

First edition 1999 cardcover, 142 pages, B/W photos (Limted StocK) ISBN 0 7022 3099 5


by Amanda Ahern and The Mornington Island Elders

Amanda Ahern became fascinated with the distinctive body-art designs while working on Mornington Island. The result is this first-ever publication to describe in drawings, photographs and stories the unique geography of the Top End and the rich traditions and legends of the Muyinda ancestors. The practice of 'paint-up' is an expression of culture rather than art. Each body-paint design is of profound cultural significance, identifying the wearer with country, sacred sites and ancestral groups.
2002 cardcover, 104 pages, colour photos & illustrations,
(Limited stock) ISBN 0 7022 3269 6


by Melissa Lucashenko

In this novel an angry young Koori named Darcy Mango is on parole, and looking for his mob in Northern New South Wales. Befriending the Menzies family wasn't at all what he had in mind, but then neither was the old house hidden in the bush near Desperation Creek. Why does the camera from the house take pictures of the past? It's Darcy's fate to find out.
second edition 2000, cardcover, 230 pages (Limited Stock)





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